The Long-Lasting Effects of a Car Accident – Long Island

Whether you’re from Long Island, Washington, Texas, or any other place in this planet, there’s no doubt that a road accident can affect all aspects of a person’s life. It doesn’t only claim people’s lives and harm their health through physical injuries, but also result in psychological trauma. Most of the time, even the lives of family members and other people who are closely involved get affected as well.


The effects of a fatal car accident on family members

We all know that the impact of a fatal car crash is far-reaching. All negative emotions come together: mourning, despair, grief, and even perplexity at the senselessness of the event. Everyone has nothing on their minds but whys and what-ifs.

Apart from emotional health, road accidents can also cause the affected family members’ level of confidence in driving-related tasks to drop. Many have reported that since their loved one’s passing, they have had difficulty in getting into a car. Some even experience extreme panic attacks while inside a vehicle. Others avoid any kind of contact with vehicles altogether.

Car accidents can also negatively impact cognitive ability. It’s not so uncommon for bereaved individuals to have great difficulty in concentrating on daily tasks, speaking, and even remembering.

And then there’s the part where family members have to consult with a lawyer in order to better understand their legal rights during this very challenging time, especially in the case of a wrongful death that’s caused by the recklessness and negligence of another.


The effects of a non-fatal car accident on victims and family members

There are many studies that show that many people who are involved in non-fatal car crashes tend to have persistent depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and phobias even as long as one year after the tragic event. In fact, these studies challenge the notion that motor vehicle accidents that cannot be classified as medically serious don’t suffer severe psychological complications.

What’s even more interesting is that these studies reveal that people who were experiencing persistent depression and anxiety several months after the accident weren’t the drivers, but the passengers.

Apart from psychological issues, a vehicular accident can also bring about family-related problems and can tear apart their very fabric, especially in cases resulting in severe physical injuries like whiplash. Without warning, the income of a family is significantly reduced due to hefty medical bills. Children may suddenly find themselves being sent off to foster care because their needs can’t be supported anymore.


Seeking legal help after a road accident

Of course, there’s nothing that can bring back the normalcy in a family’s life because of the actions of a careless driver. But as you and your family members try to move on from such a heartbreaking event, you will need professional legal representation one way or another.

You deserve to have the personalized services of a dedicated lawyer that would aggressively advocate for your rights. If you wish to talk about the specifics of your case, you may contact us at 631-471-1222


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