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Sometimes nothing can be done to save the person who enters the emergency room in critical condition. The E.R. doctors and nurses do what they can when the damage is already done.

A lawsuit for emergency room malpractice is about those cases when the E.R. staff had sufficient time but failed to make the right diagnosis or pursue the right course of treatment.

If you suspect your loved one is gravely ill, permanently injured or now dead because of emergency room negligence, contact The Raimondo Law Firm in Lake Grove, New York. Our law firm has brought successful suits against hospitals on Long Island and New York City for preventable tragedies, and we provide a free case evaluation.

Emergency Room Malpractice

The most common grounds for emergency room malpractice is failure to diagnose serious medical conditions. Our experience in these cases, along with medical experts we hire, enables us to prove that telltale symptoms were missed, downplayed or inappropriately treated — with terrible results.

  • In one case, the E.R. staff failed to refer our client out to a specialist for a severe hand injury. The window of opportunity to reattach the nerves and tissues was missed, resulting in permanent loss of use of the limb.
  • In other case, The Raimondo Law Firm represented the parents of child who died because his heart defect was not detected. The emergency room physicians instead treated him for acid reflux and sent him home.

Emergency room malpractice commonly involves undiagnosed or misdiagnosed heart attack, stroke, embolisms and blood clots, internal bleeding, organ damage and dangerously high blood pressure.

Determining What Should Have Been Done

To collect damages, attorneys at The Raimondo Law Firm work to pinpoint the negligence and how it deviated from accepted emergency room care standards:

  • Negligence in triage — incorrect assessment when arriving
  • Patients “parked” for hours without seeing a doctor
  • Failure to perform additional tests indicated by symptoms
  • Failure to consult a specialist
  • Premature discharge
  • Medication errors
  • Emergency surgery errors

The Raimondo Law Firm brings 30 years of experience in medical negligence litigation, including emergency room malpractice. He personally guides the investigation into E.R. protocols, decisions of physicians, staffing levels, interpretation of diagnostics and other clues about why his client did not receive the appropriate care.

He is committed to getting full compensation for the medical costs, lost income, lasting injury, pain and suffering, or for applicable damages in wrongful death cases.

Contact us today at 631-471-1222  for a free initial consultation. Our staff members are fluent in both Spanish and Greek, and we can arrange appointments evenings and weekends at our Lake Grove office or at the victim’s home or hospital.

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