Trucking Company had 23 Violations Before the Long Island Expressway Crash

The trucking company involved in the 35 vehicle pile-up on the Long Island Expressway in Suffolk county on Wednesday, has been cited for 23 unsafe driving violations in the last 2 years.
Federal safety records show that the safety infractions include speeding, tailgating and failure to obey traffic-control laws. In records compiled by the United States Department of Transportation, Jewell Transportation, Inc., was involved in seven other accidents since January 2011.
No charges have been filed as of yet and the reasons for the crash are still under investigation according to the Suffolk County Police Department. The case has been turned over to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office for review.
Christa Zepf, age 68, of Blue Point, New York was killed at the scene.

Jewell Transportation has retained an attorney to represent them. Jewell Transportation Inc.,located in White River Junction, Vermont, was subcontracted by Looks Great Services of Huntington, to remove debris from Eisenhower Park in Nassau County left by Hurricane Sandy.

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