Protect Yourself from Medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice – Long Island

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer, in the United States.

More than 3 billion dollars was spent, in 2012, in payouts for medical malpractice. To avoid becoming a medical malpractice statistic, you need to become your own best health-care advocate.

A medical malpractice claim exists when a health-care provider’s negligence causes injury or damage to a patient. It is important to point out that medical malpractice cases can be expensive, stressful and time consuming to prosecute and sometimes with no payment to the patient or their survivors.

A legal professional will review the details of the case and determine if there is a statute of limitations preventing a lawsuit from being filed.

What should patients do to reduce the risk of experiencing medical malpractice?

  • Be proactive about medical care and their condition
  • Research and document symptoms
  • Question the doctor or surgeon until they get an answer they understand
  • Speak up
  • Have a family member go to appointments
  • Get a copy of test results
  • Get a second opinion
  • Don’t be afraid to change health-care providers

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