Southwest flight crashes nose first on LaGuardia runway

On July 22nd, 2013, LaGuardia airport was shaking with fear when an odd incident occurred making many passengers fearing the safety of their lives. A Boeing 737 of Southwest Airlines landed nose first on the runway, moments before the front landing gear broke.

No fire or smoke could be seen and within 10- 15 minutes after the incident, passengers were evacuated from the plane. Ten passengers were treated at the scene for injuries with six individuals admitted into the hospital for minor injuries. In addition, six crew members were taking to the hospital for observation. Although no major injuries were reported, many passengers were terrified in those moments before the crash. Emotionally, those aboard this flight will never be able to get the image of this disturbing scene out of their minds.

Reports show that the plane was pointed at an angle of 3 degrees downward when it hit the runway. Planes such as the one that crashed are designed to touch down with the nose pointed upward. This particular finding may allude to the fact that the plane crash occurred as a result of a hard landing rather than a malfunction of landing gear. The U.S National Transportation Safety Board released a statement that “Evidence from video and other sources is consistent with the nose gear making contact with the runway before the main landing gear.”

The investigation has revealed that just four seconds prior to touchdown, the nose of the plane was actually pointed two degrees upward, travelling at a speed of 154 miles per hour. The agency is still working hard to find the reason for why the nose suddenly tipped downward in a matter of seconds. Aircraft such as a Boeing 737 is not designed to withstand an impact such as this. The nose is designed to lift upward so that the landing gear hits the ground first, thus allowing for a softer, slower and safer landing.

Experts are still working hard in this investigation to find the reason of why this plane landed so unusually on the runway. It can only be hoped that evidence soon reveals if it was a true malfunction of landing gear or if another cause was involved with this crash. With terrifying footage now being released to display the fear passengers felt in those moments prior to the crash, it is easy to see how those present that day may feel the need to seek compensation for both the physical and emotional distress endured. Individuals that have sustained injuries as a result of thus crash should seek out legal consult with a long island accident attorney to receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

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