Exploring proactive approaches to motor vehicle and truck safety

In a recent post, we explored the possible connection between compensation and commercial vehicle accidents. Today’s post looks at prevention.

So much devastation can follow in the wake of a truck accident, including disruption to traffic when an expressway is blocked by an overturned tractor-trailer. Although there are regulations to help improve the safety of commercial transport vehicles, is there adequate enforcement?

Consider the list of things that might go wrong and contribute to a truck accident: oversized loads, driver fatigue, unsecured loads, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, improper training about checking blind spots using truck side mirrors, and/or violating traffic rules like merging without signaling or running a stop sign or traffic light.

The National Transportation Safety Board may investigate truck crashes, which, in turn, may lead to additional safety regulations. Weigh stations in New York may also help ensure that commercial vehicles are not overloaded. Yet is there a more comprehensively proactive approach?

Officials in some jurisdictions are taking matters into their own hands by conducting surprise commercial vehicle checkpoints. Such stops may identify missing or expired inspection tags, safety violations, as well as drivers who appear fatigued or impaired.

Unfortunately, forward-looking efforts may not be able to reduce every instance of human error. The human element makes the potential for negligent driving on New York’s roads and highways a very real concern.

When a victim is injured by a truck driver’s negligence, an attorney that focuses on personal injury and wrongful death litigation can help hold the negligent driver accountable. An attorney can investigate the crash scene and, if necessary, assemble a team of experts to analyze the evidence. An attorney will work to properly compensate a victim for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost income and lasting disability.

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