The reason behind why we celebrate Labor Day

As summer comes to an end this weekend, many will be enjoying their time at the beach, away on vacation or at BBQs with friends and family. It is important for us as we are relaxing and enjoying this time off with family to also remember the meaning behind Labor Day and why we celebrate this holiday every first Monday of September. Labor Day was created to honor the achievements and economic success of the American labor force. It was first introduced in the 19th century in conjunction with the labor movement, urging for our country to make for better working conditions for the working class. Labor unions were first organized and created at this time fighting for worker’s rights. In 1894, Congress made Labor Day an official national holiday. It is important for us to give tribute to the achievements our working class has contributed to the strength and prosperity of our nation.

With this being said, it is also important for us to acknowledge those hard workers who risk their lives in the course of their jobs to protect, serve and help the well being of our country. Police officers and fire fighters bravely enter their call of duty each day to keep civilians safe while putting their own safety at risk. Many of those who work in unions, such as construction and iron workers, may encounter working conditions that also endanger their safety and well being. These Americans must enter their jobs with a level of dedication and strength to not only accomplish their job but to also secure their own safety.

Please keep our dedicated and brave workers in your mind as you celebrate this holiday. We have a lot to be proud of as a nation and Labor Day encompasses so much of that by paying tribute to our hard work and accomplishments. Wishing everyone a restful, safe and happy Labor Day.

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