The Meaning of Labor Day 2016

Happy Labor Day
The summer season is coming to a close this weekend and while many will be enjoying this time to rest and relax with family and friends, it is important for us as also remember the meaning behind Labor Day and why we celebrate this holiday every first Monday of September.  Labor Day was created to honor the achievements and economic success of the American labor force.

It can be argued that some of the hardest working individuals are those who work for our country’s unions. Many of those who work in unions, such as construction and iron workers, may encounter working conditions that can also endanger their safety, causing life changing injuries or even death. Unions are critical in ensuring that all workers not only work under safe conditions, but are also given fair wages and health benefits. Our country’s unions have fought hard to protect the rights and safety of all workers. Scaffolding laws have been put in place to protect workers from elevated related risks.  Sadly, not all laws are followed in order to save costs , resulting in serious injury and death.

Please keep our dedicated and brave workers in mind as you celebrate this holiday. Wishing everyone a restful, safe and happy Labor Day.

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