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On average, seven babies are born every minute in the United States. That’s more than 10,000 babies each day. With the advancements of technology, the process of child birth in the U.S. should, seemingly, be a well-managed machine.However, hospitals and insurance companies are also in business. Certain business decisions in managed care can adversely affect mothers and their babies. If you or your loved one has fallen victim to fetal distress or a doctor has failed to perform a C-section resulting in a traumatic brain injury or shoulder dystocia (Erb’s Palsy), you must consult an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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At the law firm of David J. Raimondo & Associates, our newborn trauma attorney serving Rocky Point, NY, has more than 30 years of litigation experience. He prepares each case for trial with the intention of obtaining the best compensation possible for his clients. We understand that facing a birth injury is financially and emotionally devastating, and we strive to help relieve your burdens while getting you the results you deserve.

By understaffing a hospital or allowing under-qualified or unqualified staff members to perform tasks, errors can occur. A mother may not deliver in time or be told to wait at home before coming into the hospital because of space or staffing issues.

Fetal distress can happen anytime, and malpractice is not always the culprit. However, when an obstetrician is negligent, serious injuries can occur, such as oxygen deprivation or hypoxia resulting in brain injuries due to the failure to deliver a child in a timely manner. If other conditions, such as diabetes, aren’t taken into account, the mother and child could suffer unnecessarily.

Mr. Raimondo is prepared to fight for you and your family so that you can recover not only financially, but also emotionally.

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David J. Raimondo & Associates offers a free initial consultation, which can take place in our Lake Grove office on Long Island or in your home or hospital room. Our Long Island fetal distress attorney will come to you, with no obligation, to advise you on the possible courses of action to recover damages.

Many of our cases are referred to David J. Raimondo & Associates by other attorneys and past clients. You can email us or call toll free at 631-471-1222. Our staff members speak fluent Spanish and Greek and we can accommodate any other language.

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